Why Quality Link Building is Essential to your SEO Campaign

Posted on September 9th, 2022 by nms

Quality link building and SEO (search engine optimization) are integral to digital marketing and search strategy. They are beneficial for companies eager to enter the digital space, especially considering the internet’s vast potential to attract customers and expand business reach. 

How Link Building Helps Search Strategies

SEO is a strategy that attempts to make websites more accessible and discoverable via internet search engines. It can help businesses market their products and services more efficiently and reach wider audiences than they would otherwise. 

Link building helps SEO because it enables search engines such as Google to identify and highlight web pages that previously had less-than-optimal online visibility. It also helps improve a site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Google considers link building one of the most crucial factors in determining site visibility and search engine ranking. Moreover, it works in conjunction with these other factors in determining the site’s placement in Google’s search results. The factors could include site loading speed, friendliness for mobile usage, and UX elements. It also deals with website authority and trust, content optimization, and on-page SEO. 

In addition to boosting search engine ranking, link building also provides the following benefits:

Helps Boost and Build Brands: Executed correctly, link building can help establish a website’s trustworthiness and authority and enhance a brand’s online reputation. 

Builds Relationships. Apart from helping sites gain more links, link building can be instrumental in helping build long-term relationships with key figures in the same niche or industry. Establishing these relationships could help boost a brand, enhance its authority, and form a more solid and extensive network. 

Boosting Traffic in Referrals: Link building helps increase the number of good links to and from a site. It could ultimately result in higher traffic for the site. 

Generating Sales Opportunities: With an increase in traffic comes a corresponding increase in potential sales. When more people access a site, it gains the ability to offer products and services to a larger audience. 

Considering the usefulness of link building in this day and age, it is well worth incorporating it into a comprehensive marketing and search strategy. 

The Basics of SEO Link Building

As with many aspects of SEO, there are right and wrong ways of link building. When executed improperly, link building tends to be overly upfront, spammy, and counterproductive. It is always best to adopt more positive link-building tactics to improve performance and enhance the site’s reputation for the long term. 

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

SEO strategies can generally fit into two categories: White Hat and Black Hat.

White Hat SEO refers to organic and naturally developing link-building strategies. Google is more likely to approve these tactics than any attempt at spamming or link farming. But the downside is that White Hat SEO usually takes more time to produce results than Black Hat methods. 

White Hat link building typically involves content promotion, infographics creation, and guest posting. Additionally, it fosters online relationships and leaves comments on authoritative blogs and posts while also receiving a listing on directories. 

Black Hat strategies typically include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, link scheming, and link hiding. Also, it fetches auto-generated content, abuse of anchor text or structured data, and spammy or malicious content. 

Generally speaking, White Hat methods are ethical while Black Hat tactics are not. Google generally frowns upon Black Hat practices. However, if Google detects techniques that do not comply with its guidelines, the website may receive a penalty. It could eventually damage a site’s reputation, and it could be long before they get back into Google’s good graces.

It is always best to utilize Google-approved link-building strategies and ensure they don’t conflict with established guidelines and policies. Consequently, it is a long process, but the long-term benefits are worth it. 

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