Picking the Best Focus Key Phrase for Your Blog

Posted on July 8th, 2022 by nms

Picking the best focus key phrase for your blog is essential to ensuring a successful and proactive marketing strategy. You want your insurance search strategy to succeed. Therefore, there are steps to take it to the next level, including keyword searches. As many experienced SEO practitioners know, finding the ideal focus key phrase is an essential piece of the puzzle. 

Think about it this way: most websites have a steady stream of visitors looking for solutions to their problems or answers to specific questions. You might think that the key to converting these visitors to paying customers is providing them with what they need via your site’s content, right? 

While the quality of your content is integral to your site’s success, you also have to take steps to attract users. And considering how challenging SEO is, that task is easier said than done. 

Enter Focus Keyphrase

It is where focus key phrases come in. These are exact keywords or key phrases by which users can find your website via search engines. 

Although you will probably want to focus on a single key phrase, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your site will only rank for that one. Let’s say you want your webpage to rank for a term such as “digital marketing solutions.” Of course, you will want to optimize your content for that term. But it would be best if you also considered phrases such as “online marketing,” “digital content marketing,” and so on. 

Qualities of a Practical Focus Key Phrase 

Many qualities make a particular focus key phrase more effective than others. Of course, your site will also have to achieve a high rank on the search engine results pages with that specific combination of words.

Discover the Most Effective Key Phrase

At this point, you are probably wondering how to determine your site’s most relevant focus key phrase. The key is to figure out what words your intended audience will likely use when searching for a solution to their dilemma or the answer to a particular question. 

The importance of speaking the same language as the audience you are trying to attract is something you must implement. It might be best to avoid complex and overly specific words or phrases in favor of those that regular people are likely to use when performing a search.

Ask yourself this: what questions are your target audiences likely to ask? What issues are they trying to solve? 

Four Marketing Strategies to Implement

Utilize Long Tails

Short key phrases do have some value. But if you are trying to rank in a highly-competitive arena, you might have better luck with long-tail key phrases. 

Checking status of Traffic-Specific Key Phrases

The most effective key phrases are those that people use when searching for your products or services. Make sure the words you use are highly likely to be used by prospective customers. 

Focus on Key Phrases You Are Already Ranking For

Using phrases you’re already ranking for is much easier and faster than trying to rank for new terms. Find out what gets people to your site and focus your attention on them. 

Google the Key Phrases You Plan on Using

Find out how particular key phrases are ranking on Google. You could probably use them as-is or modify them slightly to suit your purposes. 


It can take a while to figure out your site’s most effective focus key phrases. But understanding what problems people are trying to solve and how they search for solutions will help speed up the process. Combine that with quality content, and you could reap considerable benefits from your focus key phrases. 

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