Why UX Matters in Insurance

Posted on October 24th, 2022 by nms

Providing a good user experience, or UX, is essential to guaranteeing the possibility that a consumer will return to the website after an initial visit. These days, it is no longer enough for insurance firms to provide the products and services their customers need. Given the fierce competition that characterizes the industry, it is vital to deliver a satisfactory user experience to online customers.

What UX Does

The user experience, or UX, is how businesses present information to their customers. The UX encompasses everything from site design to the presentation of information.

The UX can make it easier for customers to understand the intricacies of insurance and insurance websites. Remember that insurance can be a confusing subject, and making sense of policies, obtaining quotes, and filing claims can be intimidating for most people. With a good UX, insurers can avoid many of the pitfalls faced by other companies in the industry.

Why UX Is Important

Why should insurance companies care about delivering a good UX? A good UX benefits insurance firms and customers alike. It makes it easier for insurers to provide the products and services that customers need and enables target audiences to benefit from these offerings.

Why UX Matters

How does a good UX benefit companies in the insurtech sphere specifically? A good UX actually makes the jobs of insurance professionals easier in many ways. It enhances the various channels by which customers receive and provide information and even obtain insurance. It often results in more favorable customer acquisition and retention, ultimately improving the company’s bottom line.

How UX Can Make Things Easier

Some of the most effective insurance websites have efficient information architecture. It speeds up and simplifies the process by which users can get the information they need.

A handy feature is a progressive disclosure tool. Commonly known as “wizards”, these features streamline the process of finding information by having users answer progressive questions in series.

Improving UX With Agency Tsunami

Agency Tsunami is one of the companies at the forefront of helping insurance firms deliver excellent UX to their customers. The digital marketing division of Neilson Marketing Services, the company has worked with several organizations in the insurance distribution field for more than a quarter of a century, providing innovative marketing and communication solutions.

Agency Tsunami implements an integrated marketing strategy focused on creating and optimizing insurance websites with quality SEO and social media services. The company’s expertise has enabled hundreds of insurance retailers and wholesalers to improve performance and generate new business opportunities.


Nowadays, insurers need to improve their customer relationships. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by embracing digital technology to provide a better UX. The mobile platform offers many exciting new opportunities for customer retention and profitability.

For better or worse, insurance companies have traditionally been reluctant to improve the customer experience. The good news is that many more firms are changing tack and acknowledging the importance of UX as a crucial requirement for long-term viability.

About Agency Tsunami

Agency Tsunami is the digital marketing division of Neilson Marketing Services, who has provided the insurance distribution sector with innovative marketing and communication solutions for over twenty-five years. With our Agency Tsunami program, we have implemented an integrated marketing strategy that includes optimized, professional websites supported by high-quality SEO and Social Media for hundreds of insurance retailers and wholesalers. Our goal is to help your insurance business perform and generate new opportunities. Give us a call at (800) 736-9741 to learn more about how we can do that for you.