What Does Local SEO Look Like in 2022?

Posted on March 4th, 2022 by nms

Business owners looking to make a splash in 2022 would do well to take a closer at the many opportunities offered by local SEO. One of the most promising marketing and customer engagement areas, local SEO is an essential part of an effective insurance search strategy.

In 2022, expect local SEO to be driven by the “everywhere” concept, in which receptive audiences are present at every turn. Local businesses should be prepared to meet their customers on various platforms if they hope to benefit from the new model.

Doing so might be easier than most business owners would think. Nowadays, consumers are especially open to change, whether by checking out new market offerings or adopting new communication models.

To be sure, some challenges will remain. COVID-19 will continue to be a factor, and its effects on local businesses are difficult to predict. Even so, companies that manage to connect with audiences and attract their attention could expand their scope significantly.

Here are some of the most promising aspects of local SEO to look forward to in 2022:

Kinder and more personal engagement

More and more businesses are adopting a warmer and more personable approach to customer engagement. Given the challenges of the past two years, a little kindness and gentle persuasion won’t go amiss, and potential customers will likely appreciate the effort.

Now might also be a good time for businesses to forge more meaningful connections. Offering curbside and home delivery messaging, direct messaging and live chat, and telemeetings will benefit customers as well as the company.

Supply chain gaps open up more opportunities

Supply chain problems affect everyone, but enterprising business owners will see this as an opportunity to step in and fill the demand. Now, more than ever, there is a need to address manufacturing and delivery shortcomings on a local level, which could open up many more chances to shore up local businesses. Your clients may want to consider seeking out regional suppliers and manufacturers, particularly those that can produce merchandise locally from start to finish.

“Green” is still the way forward

Green practices haven’t gone away. On the contrary, the environmentally-responsible approach to business will likely be the norm in 2022, so companies should do everything they can to get with the program.

Some would say that the transition has been a long time coming. Others feel that little can be done to make a dent in such a huge global issue. Nevertheless, local businesses can do their part by seeking out nearby supply chains, reducing carbon emissions considerably.

“Shopping everywhere” becomes the norm

One trend that will be pretty much inescapable from this point moving forward is the concept of “shopping everywhere.” This essentially involves companies providing potential customers with the opportunity to purchase their products or services at every turn. Adding shopping cart functionality to local business websites is a good first step, especially if the site offers a more rewarding customer experience than other third-party services.

Organic SEO still drives site performance

Unsurprisingly, organic SEO is still one of the best ways to improve site ranking. Considering that links and on-page SEO account for a third of the factors that influence local ranking, business owners should prioritize learning as much as they can about organic SEO for 2022.

“Reviews everywhere” edge out rankings

Ranking will still be an important metric that determines site performance in 2022. But expect reviews everywhere to carry some of the load over the coming months.

Like SMS and email, reviews are integral aspects of responsive customer service. But rather than focusing on review volumes and ratings, companies would be better served by analyzing customer sentiments as revealed in legitimate reviews.

More positive and uplifting shares

2022 will also be the year when companies adopt a more positive and uplifting persona that customers will gravitate toward. With all the challenges that everyone has faced over the past two years, sharing content that motivates and uplifts might give local businesses an edge over the competition.

Exciting developments ahead

As you can see, 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year, rife with opportunities for business owners that can position themselves advantageously. There is no better time than now to adopt new strategies and shift to new approaches that will appeal to a changing market. Keeping abreast of these developments in local SEO will help businesses prosper and maintain competitiveness in the coming year and beyond.

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