An Optimistic Future Predicted for Digital Marketing Agencies in 2021

Posted on January 29th, 2021 by nms

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had profound impacts on the business world. As companies shifted from in-person sales and service, many forward-facing companies turned to the internet to weather economic downturns. If there is one lesson for insurance agencies faced by coronavirus-related business challenges, it is that insurance digital marketing represents an invaluable means of connecting with customers. The prospects for digital marketing agencies are only growing as we begin 2021.

Rising from the Coronavirus Ashes

In 2020, over 60% of marketing agencies reported a significant downturn in revenue, even as their services were leveraged by companies scrambling to adjust to the pandemic. Thankfully, many of the leading insurance digital marketing agencies demonstrated surprising resilience, and by the end of the year, those drops in revenue pointed toward a bright finish to 2020. In fact, of 167 marketing agencies polled by CallRail in its 2020 fall survey, most reported higher revenues than experienced in 2019.

An important part of revenue recovery is that many businesses focused on their digital offerings as the pandemic took hold. Unable to conduct business face to face due to coronavirus restrictions, web-based advertising and brand building took a front seat. Digital marketing groups were the beneficiaries of this shift, and they were able to leverage their experience into generating leads on the web. The end result was a substantial increase in online traffic for many agencies. This trend is expected to continue into 2021 as consumer preferences evolve; consumers now expect a robust online preference for the companies they wish to do business with – including insurance firms.

Strategic Value: Insurance Digital Marketing

In some ways, digital marketing was viewed as somewhat of an afterthought pre-pandemic; many insurance agencies focused on print and media advertising while digital marketing initiatives were less of a priority. That thinking was reversed during the height of the pandemic, forcing many agencies to rethink their digital marketing efforts.

During the height of COVID-19’s effects, insurance digital marketing agencies were valued as strategic partners by delivering value to clients. Insurance firms that already worked with marketing agencies redoubled their reliance on digital services; over 67% of marketing firms reported that they have established themselves as critical components of advertising across industry spaces, including those in the commercial insurance market.

Leveraging Data to Achieve Success

One of the strengths of insurance digital marketing agencies is their ability to provide concrete results by leveraging data. Careful data analysis is a hallmark of the most successful marketing agencies; this analysis includes competitive research, call tracking, and lead tracking. Digital marketers were able to show their clients real-time data that indicated market penetration and a growing interest in online profiles by consumers.

Data has become an essential part of insurance digital marketing. Along with being able to show clients that results are being delivered, data can also:

  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in online advertising campaigns.
  • Inform the development of relevant web content to increase site visitor engagement.
  • Boost search visibility in online searches like Google or Bing.
  • Allow marketers to fine-tune campaigns to maximize conversion.

A Rosy Future, but Challenges Remain

Insurance digital marketing agencies continue to see positive outcomes, even as economic declines across industries continue. This trend is backed by established client relationships and secure finances, yet challenges remain.

According to the CallRail 2021 Outlook Report, marketers are reporting several concerns. These include:

  • Landing new clients
  • Finding qualified employees
  • Grow account revenue
  • Reduced time in which to tackle administrative duties
  • Shedding clients that are a bad fit for the marketing agencies and their work

For now, the best way to overcome these challenges is for agencies to continue to demonstrate their value for their clients. By leveraging data, incorporating cutting edge marketing practices, and reinforcing strategic partnerships, insurance digital marketing agencies are laying the groundwork for success in 2021 and beyond.

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