How to Generate Leads Using Video Content

Posted on February 5th, 2021 by nms

Social media has transformed the digital marketing industry. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube offer marketers powerful tools with which to build brand recognition and to engage audiences. Among the many techniques used on social media, video content on these platforms has proven to produce real results in terms of generating leads. As one of the leading insurance social marketing strategies, videos represent a cost-effective solution for lead generation – helping you to grow your insurance business while you tell your company’s story.

The Case for Video Content in Insurance Social Marketing Strategies

Video content has taken off over the past decade in online marketing. According to digital marketing industry analyses, branded video content viewership has skyrocketed by as much as 260% on Facebook and nearly 100% on YouTube. These are huge increases, pointing to the effectiveness of video in creating engagement. Today, those searching for insurance information often turn to video to learn more about products and services and the agencies providing them.

Video content offers several benefits in insurance social marketing strategies:

  • Video helps your brand stand out from competitors.
  • Video allows you to tell your company’s story in a concise, entertaining, and engaging manner.
  • Video is cost-effective; no complex equipment is required to begin video marketing on social media.
  • Video is accessible from anywhere; it is estimated that 50% or more of video viewership occurs on mobile devices.

Getting the Most from Video: Generating Leads

Digital marketers around the world have witnessed significant increases in consumer interest when video content is added to insurance social marketing strategies. Video can also be leveraged to generate qualified leads. Here are four of the best practices in video marketing:

  1. First, in-video contact forms can be added to content. This is a passive way of developing leads that supplements the “calls to action” marketers have relied on for decades. These contact forms should be designed to capture distinct information from video viewers, including email addresses, preferences, and demographic details. To get the most from this strategy, be sure to incorporate in-video contact forms in all your online properties such as social media, your company website, blogs, and landing pages.
  2. Tweaking video contact forms into a multi-step format is another proven strategy that has shown promise. According to a study conducted in 2015, implementing multi-step contact forms can boost conversion rates by as much as 50%. Multi-step contact forms are simply a method of breaking a longer form into more easily handled series of questions; for example, the first steps gather basic information and later steps ask for more details, such as email addresses or telephone numbers. By breaking forms down, this has the benefit of improving the user experience, ultimately improving the quality of leads.
  3. Where should you put your video contact forms? There are differing opinions on this important question, and some of it depends on the length and style of the video content itself. Short-form stories, such as new product or service introductions, are best served by having a contact form embedded in the middle. Others may benefit from a contact form being available right at the beginning of the video. To get the highest-quality leads, however, many digital marketers recommend waiting until the end, where the most engaged viewers are likely to be ready to take the next step. As with any insurance social marketing strategies, doing some testing can help you determine the best placement for your in-video contact forms.
  4. Finally, focusing on interoperability in your online presence is a crucial component of search engine optimization (SEO). The same holds true for video content; you never know what type of device will be used to access and view your content and contact forms. It makes sense, then, to ensure that your content and forms play across devices, including both desktop and mobile environments. Mobile users are the future of online commerce, and by developing interoperable video formats, you are better able to capture the leads your business needs to grow.

Video content has the power to shape your business future. By engaging with your customers, telling your story, and sharing details about your products and services, people searching for insurance information will be able to find answers to their questions. With the tips above, you can get the most from your efforts, generating high-quality leads while building brand awareness – ultimately positioning your agency for continued success.

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