How to Utilize Tab Groups in New Chrome 81 Update

Posted on April 17th, 2020 by nms

Since the very beginnings of the World Wide Web, browser developers have sought to create the “ultimate” online experience for users. Browsers have come and gone, falling into and out of popularity as the years go by. In recent years, Google’s Chrome browser has leapt to the forefront, offering a wide range of tools and management features to make the web surfing experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. In April 2020, Google launched its Chrome 81 update, which features a range of new tools and functionality. Perhaps its most exciting new feature is Chrome 81 Tab Groups. For users and for web content developers, this new update promises a new way of grouping similar content, which can ultimately aid discovery online. 

Out With the Old, In With the New

When the Chrome browser was first rolled out by Google in 2008, it captivated the online community with its fresh appearance and powerful features. Almost overnight, the Chrome browser supplanted Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer browser and put a serious dent in the Mozilla Firefox web browser’s market share. In other words, it instantly became a viable alternative for multiple browsers. Today, Chrome occupies 64% of the world web browser market share across all computing platforms, both desktop and mobile. 

When it originally rolled out, Google promised improved security and privacy for users. Over time, concerns about data security and embarrassing breaches of online privacy have given rise to alternative web browsing platforms, yet the majority of online users remain committed to Chrome. The Chrome 81 update has already helped to cement Google’s place at the top of the web browser mountain. 

New Features in Chrome 81

The Google Chrome 81 update is primarily a security update, patching dozens of potential security flaws and improving the browser’s ability to protect sensitive user information. Security and privacy are important considerations for web users as well as for web developers and digital marketers. However, the Chrome 81 update offers so much more. The range of browser management tools is impressive.

The most exciting development is Chrome 81 Tab Groups. What are tab groups? In simple terms, this new feature allows Chrome users to organize the open tabs they may have on their desktop or smartphone. Tabs may be grouped by project, by topic, or however a user wants to organize open tabs. Gone are the days when dozens of open tabs cluttered the workspace; with the Google 81 rollout, users have incredible customization and organization tools at their fingertips. Pinned tabs may be named or color-coded, and users may drag new tabs into or out of groups as needed. 

Speaking of fingertips, the Chrome 81 update also offers gesture navigation for touchscreen devices. Inspired by the Android smartphone operating environment, gesture navigation allows users to swipe the screen to either reveal open apps or pinned tabs or to go to multitasking mode within the browser. 

Another interesting addition to the update is something called App Icon Badging. Most Chrome users also utilize other online apps, including social media, chat, and email. App icons have appeared in the Chrome browser for a good while, but the Icon Badging now allows users to get subtle reminders of attention items. For example, a number may appear next to the App Icon for a user’s email program, indicating that there are new unread email messages. This is a small, but useful update, and will give users the information they need at a glance.

Google Chrome 81 is only the first step in a lengthy planned rollout of new features. Google has already announced that new browser and operating system (OS) versions will be launched within the next few months, offering users and digital marketers an exciting new realm of possibilities. 

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