Insurance Agency SEO: How Insurance Agents Can Use Local SEO

Posted on November 23rd, 2018 by nms

In digital marketing, many components come together to improve search visibility for companies. It is to ensure that potential customers or clients will reach their website.

Once their potential customers or clients land on their website, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase their products and services, which also means a potential sale on the business part! Search engine optimization, or SEO, forms the foundation of every digital marketing campaign. It is essentially a must-not forget part of the marketing campaign, which means this phase of the SEO strategy plan should be present to ensure the marketing campaign’s success rate will increase.

As search user habits have evolved, thanks in part to the rise of mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets, new insurance SEO strategies have also emerged. One of these is the concept of local SEO, which is a critical part of SEO for insurance agents and SEO for insurance agencies, MGAs, and brokers. In this guide, we’ll look at local SEO; and then present best practices for insurance agencies to leverage this powerful new search strategy to drive website visitors.

SEO for Local Insurance Agencies

In general, insurance agencies tend to be local or regional businesses, and as such, depend on local customers to ensure business continuity. With the help of SEO tools, it will not only continue to thrive in this high-level niche competition but also will help to elevate their position in the best insurance providers’ competition. It is to make sure that the correct information will be delivered. The potential customers or clients will view the right details since the benefits of most insurance agencies’ products are different in different countries. With this essential data, it brings new customers from around the service region is the cornerstone of local SEO for insurance, which is the concept of marketing a given business to local customers through local search.

According to search engine giant Google, almost 50% of all online searches now have a local component, referred to in the digital marketing industry as “local intent.” This means that Google users typically search for the businesses and services local to them; search queries in Google often include phrases such as “near me” or a location-specific word like a city or town. For this discussion, examples of a typical local search phrase are “best insurance company near me” or “affordable insurance agency in [specific location].” Search engine algorithms process these queries, delivering results relevant to the search user’s location. It is super beneficial for both the company and its potential customers or clients. The insurance agency or the insurance agent will be searchable (making it visible because of the keyword research phase)and ultimately allows potential sales since the ideal customers or clients can get information precisely in front of their fingertips. What makes it more interesting is that using local insurance agency SEO, the small insurance agency can compete with colossal insurance agency brands since winning the battle of Google Search Engine can be strategically planned.

Other Advantages of Local SEO in the Insurance Industry

When it comes to revenue flow or sales flow of national Insurance Agents or Insurance Agency, lead generation (or what they called prospecting) is the number one hard thing to do. It is because insurance has numerous benefits. Once these benefits have been presented very well to somebody, it might turn as a “no-brainer” offer since it provides numerous advantages not only to the person who will avail it but also to the person’s family loved ones.

This Lead Generation click-through problem is not very uncommon to most beginners and intermediate Insurance Advisers. Some Insurance Agents believe that this Lead Generation, a part of revenue flow, is their insurance business’s blood. Unfortunately, not all Insurance Agents know how to pump their Prospecting Flow.

That is why Local Insurance SEO for Insurance Agents is here. This Google tool will not only help your business to supply leads, to survive, but it can help you to thrive in the battle of the Insurance Industry.

Here, we will tell you some of the advantages Insurance Agents can enjoy once they optimized and utilized this Local SEO tool that can be used for your marketing campaign or SEO campaign.

It enhances your online visibility. Once you optimize your website using local SEO insurance, there will be a high chance that your name, brand, or business will be visible to the targeted local audience. Once you optimize your website and blog post, it can happen and be one of the first websites in Google search results. It means that once you utilize this search engine optimization tool, you can be a go-to website in your specific niche, insurance, for instance, whenever someone in your targeted local audience did a Google search about insurance.

Higher rankings, higher credibility. Since you are now visible to your targeted local audience, it is now easy to establish credibility. Creating quality content on relevant issues can be another easy source to lure your target audience into sales. What you can do about it is to create some articles, news, or updates related to insurance or finance. This idea shows you an endless opportunity to your potential clients. It pertains to another thing you should think about when you want to grow your business: long term expansion.

More leads, more chances of sales. Imagine that you are already visible and established your credibility; there will be a time that you or your website will be a go-to place with domain authority when it comes to insurance. Since you become the go-to website, it will be easier for you to request a referral(referral is another effective way to generate hot prospects), which means another lead and another chance of sales!

The Three-Pack in Search Results

Visibility in Google’s “three-pack” is the goal of most local SEO campaigns. Named for the three results immediately following the Google Maps entry on Google search engine results delivered for searches with local intent, this coveted region of the results website page can dramatically improve traffic to a given business. The three-pack list often displays hours of operation, review ratings, and contact details for the company.

This Three-Pack thing, if done correctly and effectively, will give the insurance companies a flood of new potential customers or clients. Can you imagine that? Being one of the tops found insurance agent SEO for insurance websites in your region or local place makes you more visible to your potential customer!

Not only will it help you to be super visible, but it also will increase your credibility since most people trust top-rated or top found insurance website SEO optimized in Google search engines nowadays. Visibility and credibility are some of the essential aspects needed in today’s generation to secure a sale.

It will not only empower your marketing or SEO campaign but decreases the buying resistance of your potential customers. This is something to think about since the sea of insurance companies is getting bigger monthly, and it will not stop instantly!

How does an insurance agency leverage the three-pack to its advantage? The answer is simple and easy to do: using a critical local SEO component called Google My Business (GMB). This free tool allows businesses, like insurance companies, to create a business profile account, including such details as physical address, operating hours, and details about the products or services the company offers to its customers. This information is one of the essential data that potential customers are looking for. It is to make them decide right away, ensuring they will dive to the right website page to solve their problem or fulfill their needs. Once claimed by a business, its Google My Business listings can then be used by customers to share reviews, add photos, and a business video of the company itself.

Amazingly, in this way, you will attract more potential customers and get more potential sales. What makes it more exciting is it creates engagements, which is super essential in today’s generation since interaction in virtual aspects is useful in creating a bond between the customers and the provider or the agency itself. Google My Business analytics is used to populate the three-pack in search engines results website pages (SERPs). As such, businesses must take advantage of this powerful aspect of local SEO for insurance. If you desire to secure more conversion or in a simpler term, sales in your agency, this part of the insurance SEO thing should not be missed. It is because it is a powerful push pressure for your sales team and a powerful pull of customers towards your company.

Local Content and Local Optimization

For business management who want to attract local customers, GMB isn’t the only tool available to satisfy local search algorithms. Still, it is something you should not miss when it comes to Google data result ranking tools. Google and the other major search engines can discern user intent, and SEO professionals know that to get the search visibility needed to rank highly in local data findings, certain aspects of the online presence must be in place. This includes both local content and location-specific website pages. While there are many things to consider, these two aspects of local insurance SEO to rank your website or your agency in Google are too important and should be correctly encoded.

Local content consists of topics that are relevant to a local audience. This information should align with the Insurance Industry. Insurance agencies can focus on local industry news, new regulations, or showcases of employees and services at a given location. It is to align and get started with the best angle for their marketing campaign, ensuring that the SEO strategy will be useful. The goal in developing local content for the Web is to become a local authority in the industry, which helps search engines rank content favorably in SERPs. SEO professionals can also include local keywords in the content, such as the names of cities serviced or other specific details that resonate with local customers.

In this way, we make sure the agency can specifically create content that will resonate with their local audience using insurance SEO. It also makes high-quality keyword research and content writing phases easier and more persuasive since the agency responds precisely to its potential customer’s desire or answers the potential customer’s problems. In this way, too, creating the agency’s influence in the specific target market makes it more attainable and easier to maintain.

The more information that resonated with the targeted potential customer, the higher the marketing campaign’s success.

Location listing website pages are another way to improve local page SEO. It will not only lead your potential customer to your agency website, but you will also get a chance to convert them into sales once you strategically set up the marketing flow and sales flow. For businesses that operate multiple physical locations, having a dedicated website page for each site can dramatically improve search visibility. Be sure to include location-specific details like working hours, physical addresses and telephone numbers, promotional details, and even testimonials from satisfied customers. This information should be encoded correctly to make sure that potential customers will not leave or walk away from your physical or virtual store. Single-location businesses can also take advantage of location-specific details by creating an “About Us” website page. Adding a Google Map of a business location or locations to a website or About Us page can differentiate your site from the competition, helping to secure top rankings in search results. If you have a small or a thriving agency, it is another exciting thing to think about since competition is notably high nowadays. It ensures that your flow of prospects to your offered services or products will continue to flow in, making your agency survive, and the supply of its “sales-blood” will be in place.

Directories and Local Information Resources

Linking remains one of the primary tools available to SEO professionals. Links pointing to and from a given website help search algorithms categorize information and deliver it to search users in a relevant manner. The more quality links pointing to a given website, the better for search results ranking. Local businesses can improve search visibility by ensuring that their company information is included in online business directories – there are hundreds of possible choices for any given location. What makes it more exciting is that a typical agency owner can do it by himself if only he has a lot of spare time to test and experiment with it. Unfortunately, most common agency owners are too busy focusing on the core flow of their business. And that is where the insurance SEO Professionals and SEO Agents or Service Providers will come in. Here is more information about linking:

Local information resources can also be a gold mine for backlinks, helping bring customers to your location. These next step resources can include:

    • Chamber of commerce sites
    • Local news outlets
    • Industry-specific information sites
    • Local blog posts
    • Locally-oriented review sites
    • Local government agencies (.gov links)
    • Local educational institutions (.edu links)

There are many more link tips for custom SEO for insurance agents and SEO for insurance agencies. However, the above tactics can cost-effectively increase local search visibility, saving your time, money, and effort to effectively convert a cold prospect into a hot customer in just a small number of clicks. Local businesses depend on local customers to grow. By leveraging the power of local SEO, your business can improve its prospects(business prospecting flows), attracting a steady stream of new customers in your area or selected niche market. It makes sense why most top-notch insurance companies powered by local insurance SEO tools have a stable flowing stream of new potential customers. It not only opens the opportunity to a new stream of good potential customers, but it also provides a new stream of potential sales.

With this, as one of the organization’s assets, you can withstand the high-level competition in your targeted market, making you visible, credible, and soon a go-to site of the products or services you offered. If that is something you want to achieve in the insurance industry as well, then having a locally optimized SEO insurance website makes it more attainable, if done correctly and effectively.

With all this shared information, you should, by now, have ideas on how to make your business thrive even more using available tools, like this Google search tool. Since we covered almost all essential information about SEO, it is now your turn to make your business get more leads unless you do not want to make more potential customers using search engines like Google as a lead source.

Lastly, we must tell you this: Your competitors are now utilizing this local SEO, and accumulating tremendous leads! It means that if you do not use this tool too, you will be left behind the competition, and we know you do not want that. So contact us now to discuss the opportunities we can open for you. Wherein, we, the service provider, and you, as our client, make great things with Google search results!

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