Google Search Console’s Newest Features: July 2019 Roundup

Posted on July 26th, 2019 by nms

Google’s Search Console is a powerful set of tools and resources designed to help digital marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to monitor the performance of online properties. With these tools, interested parties are able to access a tremendous amount of data, including search traffic and the technical status of updates. SEO professionals rely on the Search Console and similar data platforms to enhance their operations. In SEO for insurance agents, these data streams can help shape the direction of online marketing initiatives, improving performance and reach while building valuable site traffic. Google continually adds new tools and features to the Search Console – in this guide, we’ll explore some of the newest additions to the Search Console experience.

Mobile-First Indexing: A Glimpse into the Future

It is no secret that mobile computing devices have transformed people’s lives. Accessing information about the companies and services around us is now possible any place and at any time, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Google has responded to the growth of mobile search, and last year rolled out a mobile-first index. This index places a priority on the sites that have implemented mobile-friendly features.

Now, Google has enhanced its Search Console with features that focus on mobile-first indexing. SEO professionals can now see if and when Google moved a given site to the mobile-first index, including the date and time the switch was made. The new feature also shows which of the company’s search crawlers is indexing the site in real-time. The goal of the mobile-first indexing feature on Google Console is to give SEO pros the tools needed to understand any issues with indexing. Mobile devices are here to stay, and in SEO for insurance agents, catering to the needs of on-the-go searchers is critical in maintaining high search rankings. 

Query Alerts: Shaping SEO

An important factor in any SEO campaign is gauging the performance of a given site tweak in terms of its influence on search results rankings. While Google has previously used its Search Console to alert webmasters and SEO teams of big changes in rankings, they have added a more robust feature to the Console interface.

The new query alert feature notifies webmasters of any substantial changes in top queries for a given site, listing example queries, then providing details on the total number of site impressions as well as the percentage increase or decrease in those impressions. SEO teams can use this data to evaluate the performance of a website, particularly in ranking changes. Then, the team can make any needed adjustments to regain high rankings, or to see that their efforts are paying off. 

New Testing Tools: Improving Site Markup

Structured data is a relatively new concept in SEO for insurance agents. Google uses structured data to better index or categorize websites, allowing the search engine to more accurately deliver relevant resources to search users. The Search Console had already provided numerous testing tools to webmasters and SEO teams, including the AMP test and URL Inspection tool. The newest feature added to the Console allows webmasters to search within a site’s structured data markup to find specific areas of code, then gives them the ability to copy portions of the code for further tweaking or updates. Google’s idea behind the new feature is to give SEO teams an enhanced ability to check and adjust markups, streamlining the process and ultimately producing sites that index more accurately. Best of all, any tweaks to the markup can then be quickly tested for validation using additional tools within the Search Console. 

The new tools and features of Google Search Console are receiving accolades from SEO professionals, website managers, and site owners. With these tools, it is easier than ever before to monitor performance, then make any changes needed to improve search visibility. Google will continue to provide SEO teams with new tools and data streams in the coming months. 

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