Creating an Effective Paid Media Strategy for the Holidays

Posted on December 4th, 2020 by nms

Now that the holidays are here, insurance agencies are rolling out new insurance marketing strategies. One of the most popular and effective strategies is that of paid media. Paid media marketing is nothing new, but in the face of the economic hardships created by the coronavirus pandemic, this component of online marketing can help drive business if done correctly. In this guide, we will explore how paid media can be incorporated into your company’s holiday insurance marketing strategies, giving you the end-of-year boost that will start the new year off on a positive footing.

Paid Media Marketing – What is It?

Digital marketers typically leverage numerous marketing strategies, using both on- and off-page techniques to attract new audiences and to drive traffic to a given company’s website. One of these strategies is known as paid media marketing, which uses four primary components:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Display/banner ads
  • Social media ads
  • Retargeting via email or ads

Paid media marketing further builds brand awareness, supplementing traditional online marketing techniques like social media activity, email campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO). It is especially effective for insurance businesses, as it helps drive customers to your website or brick and mortar offices.

PPC Ads for the Holidays

Most people begin their search for insurance products and services by turning to the web. With a dizzying array of companies and products, how can your agency stand out? Simple: through PPC ads. This cost-effective insurance marketing strategy has proven itself to produce results – and your agency incurs ad fees only when a potential customer clicks through to your website.

Holiday-oriented PPC ads can be placed on Google search results pages. For example, your agency can advertise holiday discounts or special options. Tips for getting the most out of holiday PPC ads include:

  • Targeting specific keywords and phrases a customer is most likely to be searching for, then incorporating them into the ad itself.
  • Preparing websites and/or landing pages for increased traffic by ensuring those pages offer the details needed to make purchasing decisions, and that the transition to those pages is seamless.
  • Adding seasonal language and images.
  • Test extensively before rolling out the ad by swapping out keywords, deals, and titles to identify the ideal format.

Display Ads: The Core of Insurance Marketing Strategies

Display ads are as old as the World Wide Web itself.  Nearly everyone has seen these ads on their favorite websites, and just as often have learned to ignore them. Despite this tendency, display and banner ads still produce results. To freshen these ads for the holidays, add seasonal language and images to make them stand out on a webpage. Your agency may also consider rolling out special deals and promotions to further entice customers.

Leveraging Social Media With Holiday Ads

Since social media became a powerful tool among insurance marketing strategies, creating ads on platforms like Twitter and Facebook requires only a few clicks. With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions still gripping the nation, more people have turned to social media to stay connected with the people and businesses around them. This represents a great opportunity to ramp up your social media advertising. Just as in display ads and PPC, it is a good practice to add a bit of holiday flair to your ads. It can also be beneficial to offer limited-time discounts or promotions for social media followers and for those who like, share, or comment on the ads. This encourages sharing, which can bring in new customers in an effective and economical way.

Retargeting: Giving Customers a Second Look

Retargeting ads work by redirecting customers who may have already visited your agency’s website but have neglected to take the next step in purchasing. Not everyone is ready to buy when they first land on your site, meaning that a gentle reminder can produce real results. Retargeting achieves this and can be done via email campaigns or through affiliate ads on other sites. For digital marketers, Google Ads facilitates the retargeting process, displaying your agency’s ads on other sites as visitors move from page to page in their quest for insurance information. There are also specialty retargeting ad platforms that can be used to get the most out of this strategy.

Remember to add holiday-themed language and graphics to your retargeting ads, then sweeten the deal with promotional discounts. In no time, your agency’s holiday season will be bright as a steady stream of new clients seeks you for their insurance needs.

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