The Power of Insurance SEO Keyword Strategy

Posted on November 6th, 2020 by nms

In the digital age, businesses have come to rely on the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to drive online traffic. Insurance companies are no exception. Applied correctly, SEO greatly improves online visibility, bringing new customers to your insurance website. Agencies and brokerages seeking insurance marketing ideas can utilize the tools and techniques of SEO to produce real results. When adding a comprehensive SEO keyword strategy to your digital marketing efforts, search engines will be able to accurately categorize and index your agency’s content, delivering customers right to your online door.

Keywords: A Critical Aspect of SEO

In the early days of the web, website developers would use a variety of individual keywords to get the attention of primitive search engines like Ask Jeeves, Infoseek, and Yahoo. As search engines have grown more sophisticated, so too has the need for keywords. Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) parse web content for relevance as related to user queries. These queries often begin with keywords on the part of the user.

Keywords have two important attributes for insurance marketing. First, they provide clues about the types of information a given website visitor is seeking. Second, they allow marketers to tailor website content to reflect common (or unique) user queries.

Simple keywords are no longer sufficient to get the most out of insurance SEO; in addition to individual keywords, Google and the other major search providers now analyze related terms, key phrases, and full sentences. Insurance digital marketing is dependent on relevant keywords and phrases in SEO campaigns, which can be used in engaging and informative content on websites or blogs. Among insurance marketing ideas, developing web properties with the right keywords is crucial in driving free organic traffic from Google.

Developing an Insurance SEO Keyword Strategy

Insurance agencies and digital marketers alike are continually seeking innovative insurance marketing ideas. Of course, keywords are an easy and effective choice to drive organic traffic from search engines to your company’s website. The trick here is to identify the right keywords by developing an SEO keyword strategy. How does one go about finding the best keywords and related terms to use in web content?

The goal of SEO keyword strategy is to identify the highest-performing keywords in terms of search volume for a given topic. SEO professionals begin by using Google’s Search Console. Other popular tools include SEMRush and Moz. When using these tools, it is also a good practice to find high-value keywords that are less competitive as well; in other words, keywords, and phrases that your competitors may have overlooked. For insurance agencies, such keywords may be “small business insurance” or “average annual homeowners insurance”. High-value, less-competitive keywords, when added into web content, have a greater chance of ranking at or near the top of search results pages in Google. Effectively, you have done something your competitors may have not, and you have gained important search visibility for your agency or brokerage.

Ranking Keywords for Content Development

Now that you have identified keywords that will improve search visibility, it is time to rank them. When conducting this part of the keyword strategy, it is critical that you understand what your agency’s goals are. For example, do you want to improve sales of a certain insurance product or service? Or do you simply want to gain traction in general search rankings? Having a solid understanding of the goals behind incorporating targeted keywords can help your agency get the most out of its SEO keyword strategy efforts.

Each keyword can be assigned a rating from 1-10, for example, based on the information gleaned from the Search Console or SEMRush. This rating system then gives content developers the details they need to craft impactful web content, focusing on the most valuable keywords first and working down the list. Once this content is published, the search engines index the pages and rank them according to several factors like relevance, authoritativeness, and trust. Another great insurance marketing idea to do with keywords is to incorporate these terms in page headers, titles, and image alt text. Each instance can improve the indexing accuracy of search engines and help you achieve favorable rankings in search results.

Keywords remain a fundamental part of insurance SEO. These seemingly innocuous components of a digital marketing campaign can boost organic traffic, improve online visibility, and help your business grow. Strategizing the use of these keywords is the key to a long and successful future for your insurance operation.

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