How to Build the Most Effective Insurance Agency Website

Posted on November 11th, 2021 by nms

Name the first Fortune 500 company that comes to mind, and there’s a good chance it has a slick and stylish website. For better or worse, firms in various industries have shifted most of their marketing to the internet, with websites now taking the place of full-color ads and promotional banners of only a few decades ago.

Insurance firms have gotten in on the act as well, with many now allotting significant portions of their marketing budgets to online promotions. Insurance web design is big business nowadays, and many companies are reaping the benefits. With a classy and well-designed website, insurance firms can better attract new customers and connect with their existing customer base.

Just how important is a website to the success and profitability of an insurance firm? Studies show that as many as 94% of potential customers don’t even bother contacting companies that have unattractive or poorly-designed websites.

On the other hand, a professional-looking website that is easy to navigate makes a strong impression on visitors. Customers also tend to trust sites that have relevant and useful information presented in a compelling manner.

Website design is an even more important factor for companies in the insurance industry. Because of the nature of their business, insurance firms could directly affect the lives of families and individuals. Finding the right firm often entails establishing long-term relationships, so customers are always looking for trustworthy firms to do business with.

Of course, there’s more than one way to design a website. What might work for one insurance firm won’t necessarily work for another. That being said, there are some qualities that the most effective websites have in common.

When building a captivating insurance website, it is important to consider the following.

Including high-quality photos.

Captivating photographs placed strategically throughout the page helps grab audiences right off the bat. It isn’t necessary to overwhelm them with photos, so the focus should be on enticing them to check out the site’s content and lead them logically through the page.

Hiring a professional photographer to create stunning prints might be worth considering. Although there are many excellent free photo libraries on the internet, professional photography always gives websites an edge over the competition.

Designing the site for mobile audiences.

Internet users are more likely to use mobile phones rather than computers when accessing insurance websites. The most popular pages are designed with mobile users in mind in terms of design, layout, and size. Although site design should also consider desktop and laptop users, making the site more mobile-friendly will help attract younger audiences.

Creating a compelling “About Us” section.

Most people actually read the “About Us” section on company websites, so including compelling information is always a good strategy. A brief backgrounder might be helpful, particularly if there is an interesting story behind the company. This section would also be a good place to include company values and awards and recognitions received throughout the years.

Keeping text content clear and concise.

Most audiences don’t have the time, interest, or inclination to pore through walls and walls of text. It is always best to keep content concise and written in straightforward language. Site designers should also consider breaking up long paragraphs into smaller, easier-to-digest chunks.

Including user reviews and testimonials.

User testimonials always make for interesting reading, especially if they come across as authentic. Studies have shown that as many as 84% of consumers place their trust in online reviews. It is generally best to seek out positive reviews and feature them prominently on the site.

Supporting the site with social media.

A website becomes more effective when it is supported by an active social media presence. Customers tend to trust companies that actively engage and interact with them as humans typically do. By posting news and blog updates and replying to user comments on social media, insurance firms will have a much better chance of attracting them to the company’s primary website.

More often than not, a website provides a company’s first chance to make a memorable and compelling impression. Whether the goal is to attract new customers or retain existing ones, developing an effective website provides a valuable opportunity to make a powerful impact on potential audiences.

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