Boosting Google Search Tips in 2022

Posted on February 4th, 2022 by nms

Ask any social media professional, and they will likely tell you that getting a high Google ranking is one of their foremost concerns. After all, the whole point of social marketing and SEO is to grab the attention of a specific audience. And greater visibility on Google is the best way to achieve that.

For insurance professionals, coming up high on Google searches should be one of the goals of an effective insurance social media strategy. But this is easier said than done.

Although there are many ways to optimize a site for Google, the algorithms are always changing over time. A strategy that may have worked wonderfully last year‒or even a few months ago‒may not necessarily be as effective now. This is why it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in search engine optimization and ranking.

Which brings us to the point of this post. Here we discuss some of the most effective ways to boost search results in 2022. Being aware of these tips and incorporating them into a comprehensive insurance social media strategy should work wonders in helping your clients land the plumb spots on Google’s SERPs.

On-page SEO strategies

Here are some suggestions on how to boost the ranking power of your pages:

Get serious about testing

If your clients have relied solely on implementing best practices before, now is the time to take A/B testing more seriously. A thorough implementation, evaluation, and correction process will make it easier to achieve specific SEO objectives.

Develop effective author pages

Author pages are invaluable for helping Google evaluate a site’s reputation. They also help establish authors as authorities in their particular fields. And considering Google’s recent updates regarding author pages, your clients would do well to expend more effort in developing them.

Work on your titles

Google title rewrites are big news in the SEO sphere. Although they can be annoying, there are valuable lessons to be learned by analyzing the rewrites and figuring out how to create more effective titles that hopefully won’t be rewritten!

Get rid of the fluff

Fluff has long been the bane of SEO, and that hasn’t changed in 2022. Have your clients consider cutting out the fluff from their title tags and category descriptions mercilessly. Google may just reward them for it!

Building effective links in 2022

Links will be just as essential in 2022 as in previous years. Perhaps the most important lesson your clients should learn is that it may not be necessary to include as many links as they did before.

Optimize your internal links

Are your client’s sites suffering from a shortage of good external links? They might want to think about optimizing their internal links. Doing so can make their site easier to navigate and increase their ranking simultaneously.

Get deep with your linking

It is also worth considering going deeper with linking in general by honing in on particular paragraphs, sentences, and even text fragments. This could be especially helpful considering Google’s recent introduction of passage ranking.

Focus on high-ROI links

Your clients may want to consider the relative values of their link-building assets and focus on those that provide the highest ROI. For example, stats pages are relatively inexpensive to implement, but the potential returns are easily equal to more costly link-building assets.

Google optimization tips for the New Year

Here are some general Google optimization tips to employ this year:

Perform reputation research

Moving into 2022, it is important to consider the possibility of Google ranking your client’s site based on what others say about it. Therefore, it might be worth incorporating reputation research into the overall SEO auditing process.

Ease back on Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals was a major SEO buzz phrase in 2021. When Google announced it back then, many expected it to be a crucial factor in determining site ranking.

But while speedy sites that conformed to the Core Web Vitals did register a marked improvement in ranking, the edge over slower sites wasn’t significant. So while speed is still an important factor moving forward, it seems there is little to need to prioritize it in 2022.


If there is one lesson your clients should learn, it’s to try and make their page the last one their audience clicks. All the tips presented above can be a means to achieve that goal if implemented properly.

When web searchers stop looking around after they click on your clients’ site, it means that they have found what they were looking for and have no need to search elsewhere. So by making that their ultimate goal, everything else will follow.

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